Eva Besnyö (1910-2003) was born in Budapest, where she lived until she was 20. She then fled the growing anti-Semite climate to get settled in Berlin, where she began the most wonderful and creative period of her life. She got work as a press photographer and spent her days roaming the city with her camera, searching for new subjects. The picture above was taken in 1931 (she was then 21) by Lake Wannsee, in Berlin.

In 1933 she had to flee, again, away from fascism and took shelter in Amsterdam, where she freely and successfully kept working until may 1940, when the Nederlands got invaded by the Nazi troops. As a Jew, she obviously had to go into hiding underground. After the war, she became more and more involved into the feminist cause, personnally and in her work.

Check retrospective exhibition in Paris, Jeu de Paume Museum, until september 23, 2012.


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